Benefits of Tea

Green Tea lowers LDL cholesterol, thereby lowering the risk of stroke and heart diseases, lowers the risk of cancer, lowers blood pressure, prevents tooth decay, inhibits viruses, fights allergies, and accelerates calorie burning.

Black Tea inhibits cancer growth, suppresses inflammation, and fights viruses.

Liquorice Tea helps heal stomach ulcers, soothes viral liver inflammations, treats diarrhea, headaches, and sore throat, and help the body fight viruses.

Chamomile Tea boosts the immune system, relieves muscle spasms and menstrual cramps in women, relaxes the nerves, soothes the stomach, reduces inflammations, improves liver function, helps relieve back pain and rheumatism.

White Tea helps prevent heart ailments, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, improve the function of the arteries, help fight cancer by attacking the free radicals, promotes healthy teeth and gums, helps protect the skin from damage, reduces blood sugar and alleviates the symptoms of diabetes.