Our Organic Whole Leaf Tea

We use whole leaf tea in silk bags, which provide a more nuanced and complex infusion. Our tea is 100% USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade and of considerably higher quality than the fragmented standard supermarket variety, also known as CTC—cut, tear, curl—teas which are made with heavily broken tea leaves. Therefore, whole leaves have superior flavor and offer more health benefits than do CTC teas.

English Breakfast: This full-bodied classic will rouse your taste buds. Its rich, smooth taste comes from hearty, malty teas that hail from Vietnam and India's Assam region. These flavors are beautifully balanced with a bright Ceylon tea.

Earl Grey: This deep, citrusy blend features a beautiful pairing of bold Indian tea and essential oil of bergamot oranges grown by small family farmers in Calabria, Italy. Pieces of orange peel and safflower petals brighten its taste.

Chamomile Citrus: This citrusy blend brings out the best of mild-mannered chamomile. Its sweet, floral taste comes from whole yellow chamomile flowers harvested on a Fair Trade farm in Egypt. Orange peel and pink hibiscus add a light, fruity essence. [Caffeine-free]

Sweet Liquorice Mint: This decadent blend comforts with a taste that's both sweet and minty. Sweet liquorice root gives it a velvety richness that calms and soothes the senses. Peppermint and spearmint lend it a cool, refreshing taste and aroma. [Caffeine-free]

Lychee White: This sublime blend offers a harmony of subtle flavors. We start with a delicate white tea, harvested in the lush foothills of South India. Then we blend in the ethereal aroma of lychee fruit and osmanthus flowers for a hint of sweetness.

Estate Blend Darjeeling: This gentle, refined blend features a floral, nutty taste. The leaves are hand-picked at the height of the season in the famed hills of India's Darjeeling region. Then they're blended to tease out the finest fragrance and taste of muscatel.

Jasmine Green: This classic tea offers a lightly floral, almost sweet taste. The whole leaves are hand-picked on small Chinese tea gardens, quickly pan-fired, then blended with fresh jasmine blossoms that are removed once they've imparted their essence.

Jade Green: This healthful blend brews up a mellow yet lively cup. It's an artful combination of fine green teas grown in the lush jungles of China and the sweeping hills of India — offering a light, almost fruity taste with a gentle finish.