BAYSIDE – photograph by TSDNYC LLC.

Question: Daily Roasted Organic Coffee…?!

Answer: You got it right. Different from any other coffee shop, Bean & Bean only uses freshly roasted coffee beans. Our Regular Coffee is delivered daily from a nearby roasting plant, and our house coffee is roasted daily in our roasting room, right by the bar. Take a peek inside our roasting room, and you will see green beans from all over the world, waiting patiently to be served in your cup.

Question: Are all the products at Bean & Bean organic?

Answer: Bean & Bean specializes in organic coffee and organic tea. So, all of our coffee beans and whole leaf teas are organic. We also provide organic milk/soymilk, organic sugar, and organic honey powder to complement your drinks. Our fruit smoothies are also made from 100% organic fruits, organic honey powder, and organic soymilk.