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Bean & Bean is devoted to serving the best quality beans: We use 100% organic Arabica beans and most of our beans are Fair Trade and USDA Certified Organic. Our coffee beans are roasted both in-store at Bean & Bean and a nearby plant.

> Regular Coffee: full body, heavily aromatic, balanced. A blend of three types of beans from Central & South America.

> Espresso Blend: medium to full body, highly aromatic, winy and chocolate notes with a winy after taste. A light French roasted blend of African, Asian and South American organic beans.

Peruvian La Florida: full body, light acidity, pleasant and smooth

Honduran Octeoeque SHG:
medium to light body, good acidity, good aroma

Guatemalan SHB Ceylan:
heavily aromatic, crisp and pronounced acidity, full body.

Colombian Sierra Nevada:
mild, full body, balanced, well rounded.

Bean & Bean Decaf Blend:
smooth, heavy bodied and syrupy.

Mexican HG Chiapas:
medium body, mild, smooth, slightly sweet taste.

Indonesian Sumatra: heavy body, sometimes spicy, light to medium acidity

Costa Rica La Amistad:
full body, light acidity.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe:
fruity, winy taste, medium to light body highly acidic.

Tanzania Peaberry, AA: medium to heavy body, darkly sweet, a slight winy aftertaste

Kenya AA Kia-Ora Estate: Medium to light body, winy notes, medium acidity.

Hawaiian Kona: Exeptional aroma, smooth and delicate acidity, exeptional aroma.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Mavis Bank # 1: Full bodied and well balanced, medium to low acidity, delicate flavors, winy end notes